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GRAND WINE COLLECTION” (“GWC” Ltd.) was established in September, 2012.

“GRAND WINE COLLECTION” today is a modern enterprise having in store European production and technological equipment.

The company carries out full technological cycle from buying fresh fruits, berries and fruit extracts to finished product selling. This allows the company to reach and keep high quality level of their product. The main raw materials for the company’s fruit wine production during the harvesting season are fresh fruit and berries cultivated in Moscow and the neighborhood. Also hey use concentrated fruit juice made by well-known manufacturers all year round. The wine-makers’ personal and creative contribution to the mysterious birth of wine also plays a great role.

Specialists working in “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” form a team of professionals who love their trade. The range of fruit wine produced by “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” is really wide and it continues to expand according to demands and preferences of customers. The manufacturer produces different series of dry, semi-sweet and sweet fruit wine of various items: apricot, plum, cherry, pomegranate, black chokeberry, blackcurrant wine and many others.

GRAND WINE COLLECTION” tries to satisfy the customers’ needs in guaranteed qualified products with favorite bright cocktail flavors and classical flavors of exquisite grape wine. That’s why starting from 2014 it produces both fruit wine and pop wine. Bottling of fruit wine and pop wine takes place in completely automatized production lines of Italian manufacture. The whole production process on all the technological steps is controlled by certified company’s laboratory. Finished product also undergoes tasting and quality inspection by All-Russian Research Institute of Brewing, Non-alcoholic and Wine-making Industry.

The product quality is proved by numerous awards from International wine and alcoholic beverages competitions.