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About the company

1 “Vintorg” company appeared in Russian market in 2000 as a commercial enterprise dealing with alcohol production selling. Almost from the very beginning of its existence “Vintorg” occupied steady positions in all the price niches due to its balanced portfolio of trademarks. And today this portfolio includes more than 1500 items. “VINTORG” company also includes trading house with the same name and GRAND WINE COLLECTION factory and fruit wine manufacturer. 2This holding’s success can be explained by an active search of non-standard solutions. The company perfects proven strategies and searches for new ways of distribution in market niches, which are not quite usual in Russia. One of these niches is fruit wine production. “VINTORG” was one of the pioneers who paid attention to advantages of this market niche, while the offer in this niche was represented predominantly by production from Japan and China. Within the framework of this strategy a partnership agreement with “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” wine factory was made. This company specializes mainly in fruit wine production. Thus “VINTORG” has chosen the most promising domestic manufacturer. First of all, “GWC” company is perfectly equipped. The best specialists work here, moreover high techs and modern equipment from Europe is used here for producing the range of fruit alcohol. Secondly, experiments here are skillfully integrated into winemaking traditions. Thirdly, in experts’ opinion, fruit wine produced by “GWC” it is as good as grape wine from the point of view of its organoleptic properties. 3The segment of low and fruit alcoholic drinks is not very popular with Russian customers. But skillful company politics in promoting a new range of product was able to arouse interest among Russian people in low alcohol wine made of fruit and berries. Nowadays “VINTORG” Ltd. is a trading house of “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” wine-making factory. Due to theirfruitful partnership wine made of berries and fruit turned from oddity into more and more desirable beverage on Russians’ tables. “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” (“GWC” Ltd.) was established in September, 2012. “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” today is a powerful modern enterprise possessing latest European equipment. 4The factory’s possibilities and proper organization of the production process make it possible to carry out full technological cycle starting from buying fresh fruits, berries and fruit extracts and ending with finished product selling. This allows the company to reach and keep high quality level of all the products. During the harvesting season the main raw materials for GWC company’s fruit wine production are fresh fruit and berries cultivated in Moscow and the neighborhood. Also hey use concentrated fruit juice made by well-known manufacturers all year round. 5Every batch of fresh berries and fruit is unique in its own way. Each of them possesses its own taste and aromas nuances. The task of specialists is to reveal this natural richness in wine without spilling a single drop of ripeness and plentitude of taste nuances. It is the high quality of raw material and wine-makers’ skills that make the basis of GWC wine. They contain the mystery of unique products birth, which are in a stable demand among buyers. The range of fruit wine produced by GWC is really wide, nevertheless the company doesn’t stop at what it accomplished and continues to expand the production according to demands and preferences of customers. Today this factory produces different series of dry, semi-sweet and sweet fruit wine of various items: apricot, plum, cherry, pomegranate, black chokeberry, blackcurrant wine and many others. 6Starting from 2014 GRAND WINE COLLECTION company together with fruit wine started the production of pop wine made of fruit and berries wine. This offer satisfies customers’ demands in guaranteed quality products with bright cocktail and classical tastes of exquisite wine. Bottling of fruit wine and pop wine takes place in completely automatized production lines of Italian manufacture. 7The whole production process on all the technological steps is controlled by certified company’s laboratory. Finished product also undergoes tasting and quality inspection by All-Russian Research Institute of Brewing, Non-alcoholic and Wine-making Industry. The product quality is proved by numerous awards from International wine and alcoholic beverages competitions. The berries-and-fruit niche is not the only priority for “VINTORG” of course. This company is among one of the major distributors providing alcohol to all the segments of the market. It is not an easy matter to hold this position, but the company makes it real due to its close cooperation with clients on all steps of their collaboration. People working in “VINTORG” try not to fulfill their customers’ demands, but to foresee them. 8They also pay tremendous attention to building of a perfect alcohol portfolio of the company. The wide range of goods they offer is represented by high-quality products within available price brackets for traditional sector of hard alcohol drinks, original range of product and exclusive items targeted at connoisseurs and experts. “VINTORG” collaborates with major Russian providers and has contracts with well-known wineries from Italy, Spain, Germany and other Western Europe countries. The company is planning to expand their offers in these very areas. 9“VINTORG” is successful not only due to its perfect portfolio, but also due to its extensive selling network. Today the company successfully collaborates with major federal commercial retail networks such as “Ashan”, “Magnit”, “Dixy”, “Billa”, “Zelgros”, “Giperglobus”, “Victoria”, “Okay” and many others.  And it continues to work hardly in these areas. The company works with more than 1200 retail shops in Moscow and Moscow region at the moment. More than 200 companies in 78 Russian Federation regions are “VINTORG”’s clients. Huge experience in alcohol products promotion makes it possible for “VINTORG” to offer special business terms to their customers, which brings their collaboration to a new level. Their common interests, aims and desires to strengthen their positions on the market make their partnership relations strategic, long-term and mutually responsible.