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The wine is produced according to the TU 9173-001-18009310-2012. It is made of fruit wine materials according to the AUSS 52836-2007 of sugar syrup with further adding of apricot into the customer’s package.

Brief description of production process: Apple extract is fermented with pure culture wine yeast. Then the finished cleared apple wine is blended with sugar syrup, apple juice for giving the wine its proper characteristics. During the bottling wine-makers put apricots into each bottle of wine. The product does not contain coloring and flavoring agents.

Basic characteristics: Alcohol by volume – 12% Total sugars – 120 g/dm3

Organoleptic characteristics: This fruit wine of a golden color has a harmonious fruit aroma with apple tones and notes of apricot, it also possesses a full balanced taste with shades of apricot and pleasant sweetness.

Peculiarities: suspended matter is possible because of the fruit peculiarities.

Goes with: The wine is perfectly served with desserts, fresh and candied fruit. It can also be used as a digestive.

Serving temperature: It is recommended to serve the wine at the temperature of 7-8°C or with ice.

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