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The wine is produced according to the AUSS R 52836-2007. It is made of apple, cherry and black chokeberry fruit wine materials, sugar syrup made on the basis of fruit wine material, and concentrated orange juice. The production process is fulfilled according to a classical technology which was adopted long ago and widely known in wine-making industry.

Brief description of production process: Fruit juices are fermented with pure culture wine yeast for getting apple, black chokeberry and cherry wines. Then cleared wines are blended according to the recipe with adding sugar syrup, orange, apple, cherry and black chokeberry juice so that the wine could acquire its proper characteristics. The product does not contain coloring and flavoring agents. The usage of high-quality natural raw material gives the finished product its fruity aromas and tastes.

Basic characteristics: Alcohol by volume – 11% Total sugars – 70 g/dm3

Organoleptic characteristics: This fruit wine of a nice red color has a bright fruit aroma with citrus notes and a full, balanced taste with tones of orange.

Goes with: It is perfectly served with meat dishes, desserts and fresh fruit. It can also be used as an aperitif or digestive.

Serving temperature: It is recommended to serve the wine at the temperature of 11-12°C or with ice.

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