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Гранатовое вино

Since earliest times Eastern people considered pomegranate to be the king of all fruits. The legend says that its original fiery-red wreath gave a man a hint to make crowns similar to this form. Many tribes thought that pomegranate blossom and fruit were the symbol of wealth, affluence, fertility and personal happiness. Ancient Greeks believed that the first pomegranate tree was grown on Cyprus by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Since that time pomegranate juice acquired a reputation of a philter. Pomegranate juice and wine are rich, acerbic and have unique natural composition. They are considered to be miraculous drinks which are able to strengthen both body and spirit. Pomegranate juice contains more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. “POMEGRANATE” semi-sweet fruit wine is produced according to the AUSS R 52836-2007. It is made of pomegranate fruit wine materials, black chokeberry and sugar syrup made on the basis of fruit wine material. The production process is fulfilled according to a classical technology which was adopted long ago and widely known in wine-making industry.

Brief description of production process: Pomegranate extract is fermented with pure culture wine yeast. Then the finished cleared pomegranate wine is blended with black chokeberry wine for giving the wine its deep color and various fruit taste tones. To give the wine its proper characteristics sugar syrup and pomegranate juice are added into it. The product does not contain coloring and flavoring agents.  

Basic characteristics: Alcohol by volume – 11% Total sugars – 70 g/dm3

Organoleptic characteristics: This ruby-colored fruit wine has a harmonious fruit aroma, full, balanced and acerbic taste with tones of pomegranate.

Goes with: This wine is perfectly served with desserts, fresh and candied fruit. It can be recommended to be served with meat dishes for people who like pomegranate sauces.

Serving temperature: It is recommended to serve the wine at the temperature of 11-12°C.

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