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About the company

 “Vintorg” company appeared in Russian market in 2000 as a commercial enterprise dealing with alcohol production selling. Almost from the very beginning of its existence “Vintorg” occupied steady positions in all the price niches due to its balanced portfolio of trademarks. And today this portfolio includes more than 1500 items. “VINTORG” company also includes trading house with the same name and GRAND WINE COLLECTION factory and fruit wine manufacturer. This holding’s success can be explained by an active search of non-standard solutions. The company perfects proven strategies and searches ...

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“GRAND WINE COLLECTION” (“GWC” Ltd.) was established in September, 2012. “GRAND WINE COLLECTION” today is a powerful modern enterprise possessing latest European equipment. The factory’s possibilities and proper organization of the production process make it possible to carry out full technological cycle starting from buying fresh fruits, berries and fruit extracts and ending with finished product selling. This allows the company to reach and keep high quality level of all the products. During the harvesting season the main raw materials for GWC company’s fruit wine production are ...

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